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Why is a sponsorship for an animal usefull?

Every animal, that has been rescued from bad circumstances gets affectionate care.

Your sponsorship makes an animal happy…

Especially ill cats or dogs live longer in a joyful environment, often even longer than their disease normally allows them to.

The private animal help “Lebensfreude” (=joy for life) pays occurring veterinary costs. These charges are often very expensive.  With your sponsorship you could help to cover these expenses.

… and makes you a new friend

Especially people, who can’t have their own pet, win from a sponsorship: In the course of time you will get a close relationship to the partner-animal you care for, even more, when you get to know the story of the animal. And suddenly you will be a part of the animal’s path of life.


If you want to be part of a sponsorship:

- Choose an animal

- and choose a self-determined monthly contribution (…Euro).

If you can not contact us by telephone, please send an email or send us a text message.
If you text us, please add a phone number.
We will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you.

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