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Sponsorships for dogs

All dogs are examined by a veterinary and immunized


My name is NIKITA. I was still a little puppy, when Andrea found me inside a dustbin and saved my life. No one wanted to be my owner so I stayed with Andrea. Now I am about nine years old.


My name is LILLY and I am five years old. On my right eye I barely see anything. When I was found in Murcia I was very ill. Nobody wanted to pay for my operation but luckily Andrea took me to the veterinary and payed for the operation. I had problems with my kidneys and that’s why I will need special food for the rest of my life.


My name is Kevin and I am eight years old. They found my inside of a dustbin. I stayed with Andrea because I am very similar to hear first dog, also called Kevin, which was really ill and died.


I am KORA and I am about eleven years old. Sometimes I have breathing difficulties. That’s why I had to visit the veterinary on July 07 in 2017. They made a radiogram and some other examinations. The veterinary said that these problems are caused by old age.


My name is Jessy and I am about six years old. I was found next to a dustbin, together with my sister, who is now living with friends of Andrea. Unfortunately I suffer from a persistent mycosis on my paws. Luckily the mycosis isn’t dangerous for the other dogs I live together with. To heal the infection my feet need to be bathed three times a week in a special liquid. Apart from this I need to take medicine, which is really expensive. One pill costs about 2.50 Euros and I will need to take these tablets for months.


My name is SPEEDY and I’m a four years old fox terrier. I was found while I was straying around on a field with a double broken leg. At the beginning my situation was really bad but now after recovering I feel very good and I love playing with the other dogs.


I am COCO, a mixed-breed dog, about 14 years old. Andrea found me, when I was living at a motorway service area. Back then I had a big tumor on my belly, that got removed by surgery. Unfortunately I have arthrosis caused by old age. Nonetheless I am a happy and sociable dog.


My name is NINA and I’m nine years old. When I was a puppy I got abandoned at a dustbin but luckily Andrea found me there.  Today I am a happy dog, who loves to play or swim. Unfortunately I have to visit the veterinary often, because I suffer from eczemas, which have to be removed by surgery.


I am BÄRLI and I am five years old. I am the brother of Gipsy, Angel’s son and Cooper’s nephew.


My name is GIPSY and I am five years old. Bärli is my brother, Angel my mother and Cooper is my uncle.


My name is ANGEL and I am between nine and eleven years old. I am the mother of Bärli and Gipsy and my brother is Cooper


Ich bin der COOPER und ca. 9 bis 11 Jahre alt. Ich bin der Onkel von Bärli und Gypsi und der Bruder von Angel.


We were a whole dog family, which consisting of three adults and six puppies. A few years ago Andrea found us in an industrial area. Fortunately she took us home. All of us were in a very bad condition. One of the puppies didn’t survive (she had to be put down). Four of us still live with Andrea and we are very happy. The rest of the family lives with friends of her.

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