Why is a sponsorship for an animal usefull?

Every animal, that has been rescued from bad circumstances gets affectionate care.

​Your sponsorship makes an animal happy…

Especially ill cats or dogs live longer in a joyful environment, often even longer than their disease normally allows them to.

The private animal help “Lebensfreude” (=joy for life) pays occurring veterinary costs. These charges are often very expensive.  With your sponsorship you could help to cover these expenses.

​… and makes you a new friend

Especially people, who can’t have their own pet, win from a sponsorship: In the course of time you will get a close relationship to the partner-animal you care for, even more, when you get to know the story of the animal. And suddenly you will be a part of the animal’s path of life.

If you want to be part of a sponsorship:

- Choose an animal

- and choose a self-determined monthly contribution (…Euro).

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