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On Friday, 29.11.2019, I brought three cats for animal transport to Valencia.

They arrived well in Germany on Saturday. All are of course with Anja.

Unfortunately, the carrier does not want to drive anymore.


For over 2 years our blind Emily lives on one of the big bunny cages. She is being looked after by tiger cat Molly. If anything is wrong, Molly screams until we look. She leads Emily to the loo and makes sure she does not miss.
She always stays within the call of Emily.


Other than planned, all three little kittens are allowed to stay with us.
Two of them are still very shy. The other little girl still has problems with her eyes.


A friend has discovered on the cliffs many small cat babies. Almost all have eye problems.

I caught one of them last week. The little girl is very nice and she is feeling much better.

The other two were sterilized yesterday morning and stay with me for a few more days. Then I bring her back. They are very wild and can not be tamed. But they are healthy and have no eye problems.

I will try to catch even more, but it is very difficult to feed there completely uncontrollably.

I want to say thank you to all the people, who support me with donations,

in particular:

Anja L.,

Anja M.,

Anna S.,


Claudia und Dirk H.,

COTECAN Alicante,

Eliana K.,


Gabriele K.,

Ingrid und Gisbert W.,

Lucy T.,


Marika B.,

Nadine C.,

Petra St.,

Sarah und Stefan,

Silke L.,

Thorsten K.,

Tiendanimal Finestrat

and THANK YOU to all the vacationists who donate something from time to time.

Apart from this I want to say thank you to:

Livia D. (for translating the homepage)

and Gabriele and Ulrich K., for making this homepage possible, and Marion J., a web designer, for coining the website.

In case I forgot someone, I ask to forgive me.

September 22, 2017 the little Yorkshire-mix called SAM went to Germany to Elly D. I went to Elche to meet the transport over there. One day later the transport already arrived in Germany.

On September 12, 2017 I got two kittens out of a pet shop. The owner always gives away the animals for free if you buy some food. He had three kittens in his shop. When I wanted to put them inside a box, he took away one of them from me, to keep it for himself. A friend of mine will try to get the kitten. All these cats are still very small, someone took them away from their mother at the age of three weeks.

On September 13, 2017 my friend Nelly was able to get the third kitten. The shop owner didn’t take it home. He just put it back into the showcase. To be allowed to take the kitten, Nelly had to buy some food as well. Now all of them are playing in a box I have prepared for them. Apart from this they already got dewormed.

This little Yorkshire-mix was abandoned in Alicante. Workers of an animal shop found it and searched for someone to take this dog: this person is me. Next week I am going to get the little dog. I will bring it to the veterinary, where it will be tested, castrated and vaccinated. The next animal transport will take it to Elly D., who is part of the organization “4 Pfoten in Not e.V.”.

On September 2, 2017 I went to the animal shop TIENDANIMAL, located in Finestrat. I want to say thank you to the shop, to Jessy and her colleagues for the donations.

On August 29, 2017 I became mother of four little baby-tortoise. I was really surprised when I checked the tortoise compound and found the four little babies.

On August 25, 2017 all the kittens arrived safely in their new foster home in Germany. They are already playing with other cats and five of them already found a new family, thanks to Anja E.

At 9:30pm the transport started. The kittens are now on the way to their new home. All of the kittens were stress-free. Calpe, August 24, 2017.

Today, August 20, 2017, Nadine from Germany arrived here. She brought a lot of donations: Anna S. and Petra St. donated food for the animals, Anja M. donated a doghouse and Mara donated injections and other things every veterinary needs. Fressnapf donated the biggest amount of food. Thank you to all the donors.

I received a big new box for quarantine. It was not very expensive and it is really useful. Brigitte paid half of the price. Thank you very much. Now the box already gets used for a cat that got exposed on a decrepit property.

                                                                                         August 2 , 2017, Calpe.

I rebuilt the cat trees. The kittens will have a lots of fun with them.

The first cat tree, which is meant for the sensitive cats living in my flat, is put up. The cat tree was sponsored by Silke L. Thank you very much.

The three kittens are feeling good. They don’t have any parasites anymore and their mother cares for them by cleaning and feeding them.

                                                    July 29, 2017 in Calpe.

One of the kittens has its own ideas on how to cool down.

On July 20, 2017 I caught two female cats. One of them has three kittens, which didn’t go into the trap. I have already been there three times and I will keep trying to catch them. The two female cats got brought to the veterinary, who castrated them. On July 22, 2017 I was able to catch one of the babies. The poor baby was totally covered up with flees. Never in my entire life have I seen something like this. In the evening I was able two catch another one. Both of them already ate something and seem to feel better now. I will continue trying to catch the third kitten. Today July 24, 2017 I was finally able to catch the third kitten. The other two kittens are feeling good and both enjoy playing and cuddling.

Today was a good day. Sarah and Stefan came by to visit us. They brought 100 doses with food for the cats and three big bags filled with dandelion. Apart from this they adopted one of the black kittens. Calpe, July 18, 2017.

The Winter garden, in which some of the cats live, is cleaned up and everything got disinfected. The boxes in the quarantine office are now waiting for the next “customers”. Calpe, July 15, 2017.


On the 11th of July in 2017 the second transport of donations coming from Heusenstamm and from Karben (both in Germany) arrived in Calpe (Spain). Thank you very much.


We are lovely angora rabbits that are looking for sponsors, who own a cage for us. The cage has to be big enough, so we can run and play inside it. Dear sponsor, please contact Andrea to talk to her about the size of the cage. Thank you.


My name is Jessy and I am about six years old. I got found next to a dustbin, together with my sister, who is now living with friends of Andrea. Unfortunately I suffer from a persistent mycosis on my paws. Luckily the mycosis isn’t dangerous for the other dogs I live together with. To heal the infection my feet need to be bathed three times a week in a special liquid. Apart from this I need to take medicaments, which are really expensive. One pill costs about 2.50 Euros and I will need to take these tablets for months.


We are all kittens at the age of three to four months. We already got vaccinated. All of us are very kind and we all enjoy to cuddle.                                                            Calpe, 09.07.2017


Cat BRITHNEY visiting the veterinary

On July, 7 in 2017 I went to the veterinary with my cat Brithney. The doctor diagnosed dermatitis (inflammation of the skin). The cat received a long term antibiotic.

My veterinary Christina and her husband, who is a veterinary as well, do a great job. I can always rely on them, whenever one of my animals is ill. They are also very good at surgical interventions. Thanks to the help of the two veterinaries some of my animals are able to walk again with titan implants.


My name is Sina and I am three years old. Luckily a sponsorhsip has been found for me. My godmother is Anja L. Thank you a lot.


My name is Benjamin and I am four years old. Luckily a sponsorship has been found for me. My godmother is Diane P. Thank you a lot.


On the 25th of June in 2017 I found these three kittens at a place where people store building materials and demolition waste. The three of them were full of parasites and in a really bad condition.

I had to bath the kittens and give them Stronghold, a medicine against parasites.

It would be great to get a sponsorship for these three kittens, because they will get castrated in due time.


On June 22 in 2017 late at night someone brought these four kittens, without a mother. Tomorrow I will search for their mother.


On June 9 in 2017 Andrea drove cats and dogs to Valencia for a transport that takes them to Germany, where they will find a new home.


This cat was found on June 4 in 2017 and immediately taken to the veterinary, who put it in half-sleep. Unfortunately the cat didn’t survive the night.


On May 29 these four kittens were abandoned in a box in front of my main entrance.


On May 24 2017 the first transport of donations was taken from Heusenstamm (Germany) to Calpe (Spain). Thank you.

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