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About me

Hello, my name is Andrea and I live in a small town called Calpe, which is located at the Spanish Costa Blanca. Since 1998 I have been taking care of animals in need and my prior goal is it to reduce the uncontrolled reproduction of cats living on the street.

That is why I try to castrate as many cats as possible. Together with my husband we organize everything by ourselves, catching the cats on the street, taking them to the veterinary to castrate them and bringing them back to their original living spaces. To offer a good living to the cats I have several spots, where I feed them.

Besides, I adopt old, sick and disabled cats, as well as kittens. At home I take care of them affectionately.

Apart from this I look after dogs, that got exposed or even thrown away into dustbins. They now live together with me and my husband. But not only dogs, also rabbits, guinea pigs and turtles found a good place to live with us. From time to time we even adopt hedgehogs until they are strong enough to survive in the nature.

Currently I have 14 dogs, partly already old and sick. Furthermore I look after 60 cats, some of them also old and sick, and 22 kittens. In addition I have ten tortoise (terrestrial), nine turtles (living in the water), six rabbits and two guinea pigs that all live here.

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